Colleen Kean Jensen
A kind security guard at a MFA offered to take this picture when he could tell I was really enjoying the massively large-scale art by German painter Katharina Grosse on special exhibit. Another wonderful large art exhibit can be found at Mass MOCA Sol Lewitt.
The magnitude of the moment lives on when put into Art
I have been drawn to art from early childhood as a way to express the awe, wonder, and emotional context in our world. I love all mediums. I appreciate all styles and revel in the works of many past and current artists.
Gianetti's Blueberries, Franklin, MA
My daughter, Stephanie, and I have picked blueberries every year of her life. At age 29, last summer was the first time Stephanie couldn't join me. This picture is for her for the special times we share.
Mathematics, Computer Science and Art
Yes they do go hand-in-hand. All follow rules, all are creative! I have oscillated between art and science since grade school. I have always loved math. My father and I would sit at the kitchen table and solve word problems for the fun of it. In my teen years I especially loved to draw portraits. I received my Bachelor's of Science degree with a major in Computational Mathematics while also taking drawing and photography courses.

Discovering Watercolors and Acrylics
While working in Software Engineering, I pursued my art at night taking several years of weekly Watercolor classes with a local artist, Angelina Wood (1930-2003) . While raising my children, I took a hiatus from Software Engineering and subsequently home schooled my children. I found some time to watercolor and also took an Acrylic painting class .

Art School and Oil Painting
Once my children were integrated into public school, I went back to pursue a BFA in Painting. There I had classes in Design, Watercolor, Oil Painting and Art History. During that time, I had a room exhibition at the Medfield Plesh Park Street Art Gallery. I put the completion of my degree on hold in order to return to engineering to help put my children through college.

Oils and Pastels
While engineering consumed most of my time for the next decade, I returned to oil painting as a weekend painter. In 2019, I retired from engineering and began working full-time in art. It wasn't long that I started my obsession with soft pastels. I am very excited to be finally be immersed in painting in all media as I pursue my passion!

  • Medfield Cable TV Artists of Interview, produced June 2021

  • Central Mass Pastel Society (CMPS) Marks of Distinction 2021

  • 25th Annual National Juried Exhibit, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Yarmouth, MA, July-August 2021

  • Apero Fine Arts On-line Magazine January 2020 edition.

  • The Gallery on Park Street, Medfield, February 2007

  • Memberships
  • Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

  • Central Mass Pastel Society

  • Pastel Society of America

  • Oil Painters of America

  • American Impressionist Society, Inc.